History About Zarman



We Give Wings To Your Business, You Decide Where To Fly

Almost two years ago in 2014 when we saw our black owned small and medium owned businesses drowning. We then started a project called “zamani” meaning “try” in English, the aim of the project was to educate business about the recent technologies and how can they use them to their advantage. Project zamani ended up achieving other goals which were not part of our mission statement. It is in 2016 where zarman started trading offering a variety of services such as web hosting and domain hosting. Services like logo design and web design grew in demand and a small business was born to service the need.
As the world opened its eyes to the need of design and web hosting, we started to grow internationally getting clients from all around the globe. This is grew us to be a stronger company. Yet again we ended up achieving more than what we had on our goals. With that rate, you’d have to imagine that as zarman we are a fully developed business, right? We are still far behind compared to where our competitors in the market are. We also believe that there’s always space for growing and becoming better to at what we do. The team of professionals that work at zarman have all the skills and qualifications. This very quandary set a small team of passionate building industry members on a quest to find suitable innovations, test them in black owned businesses and use the results to grow all businesses across the globe. Today, Zarman remains a driven, design and IT company committed to providing viable cost and eco-effective building solutions to make businesses more comfortable and increase their revenue. “We Give Wings To Your Business, You Decide Where To Fly Our slogan represents us and our services as it is in line with our mission statement of helping our clients to build a meaningful brand, through us giving them solutions which we refer as wings on our slogan.>